Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recapping Senior Week

Well, I'm up at whatever time it is in the morning, having just gotten back from Ken's birthday party (once again, happy birthday). It's kind of weird since we used to hate each other (well, I dunno why, guess that's just how we bond or something... >.>), but that's all in the past now.

Anyway, figure it'd be time to update this and not end on some dreary note or anything.

Senior Week
Monday - College Shirt Day
Tuesday - Superhero Day
Wednesday - Senioritis Day (Breakfast & Powderpuff Game)
Thursday - Senior Citizen Day (Yearbook Signing)
Friday - Senior Royalty Day (Senior BBQ & Guys Flag Football Game)

So yeah, it was senior week this week, and I have to say that our school spirit is insanely hilarious. College Shirt day was a total bust for me since I didn't have my shirt (Yay for going to the University of Nobody's Leaving Vegas!), though I was tempted to wear my Stanford shirt since I did get wait-listed there; same thing for superhero day. Senioritis day I thought I was dressed appropriately well, since I wear that to sleep and what not. Wednesday was where all the fun started. Senior Breakfast was perhaps mayhem, as after the first breakfast portion (it wasn't exactly the worse thing in the world really, in fact it was decent) there was a bunch of randomness involving throwing of beach balls and, of course, making photos of random flying through air... I'm like an expert at these things (considering my 7.2 megapixel Sony Cybershot only does so much) and managed to get some great shots. After school it was the Powderpuff game, including some ridiculous moments of watching guys become drag queens... We won, of course... 13-7. Thursday became yearbook signing, and I avoided Steve for obvious reasons (long story involving last year's yearbook mess up and me tormenting his life afterwards). Lots of signing since this'll be my last high school yearbook, and I've made my signature's memorable (the infamous "^^-b" strikes). Friday was Senior BBQ, where the Velcro Wall and Sumo costumes were made available, and some intriguing things began to happen... I mean, there was this water bucket thing and I swear, there was the intrigue of spread pneumonia (it was cold and we're playing with water... hm.) Afterwards the "Big Game" started... and after the half the seniors started to shine. Before halftime it was 6-0, and after it ended up being 31-0 (something along those lines). We also "Vaselined" Eric Lein's car... which, perhaps, made my day (I heard that his mom and sister were laughing when they saw this).

... yeah, that perhaps eclipsed everything... Vaseline on Eric's car. Oh man, it was pretty epic, I have to say.

Everything Else
Ok, I promise! This week, EVERYTHING's going to be sent... Lots of postage, but it's alright. ^^-b

Went to Ken's party, like I said, and just came back... (keeping in mind I started typing this post at 1:10 and you won't have any trouble believing this) and have to say that Rock Band was intriguing, and it reminded me of this! [link]

... but yeah, that's about it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Passing the Weekend

So here I am... 5 in the bloody friggen morning.

I know, some of you are asking, "Well Joe, why the hell are you up at 5 in the bloody friggen morning anyway?" If you must know, I have no reason other than I am.

Doing everything else has gotten to be kind of repetitive and boring anyway, so I figure I might as well update this with another of the "latest turbulations of the idiotic and relentless"... something like that anyway.

A-tech Prom 2008: A Black-Tie Affair
I don't regret not going (yes, I repeat... I did not go), but at the same time it just doesn't seem right to not post something about it. Interestingly enough, I found the perfect conundrum for perhaps... 50% of A-tech's Student Body... go take a look! [link]

Key Club Banquet 2008
There's not much to say about this one since it was pretty much the exact same as last years... minus the change in officers and what not. There are a few things that are worth noting however:
-Emily Hong, and let me clarify this by saying this is the Emily Hong, did not wear anything that was in the category of "pants" for the first time that I've known her. Ok, it sounds a little off, but holy crap, everyday she's always wearing a pair of jeans, or black "slacks" (why do they even call them that?), and I swear she has like 30 pairs just sitting around (this however, cannot be confirmed). For her to be wearing something like a dress itself was just simply astounding. Go Em! ^^-b
-While we're on this topic, Em is also perhaps the single most scary person I've ever met when "truly peeved." I never want to venture in that area again for awhile.
-Jaci = zOMGWTF!!!11!!!shift+one!!! in terms of loudness...
-Amazingly, my crap, half-baked narration of what they did during the "break" of making the Fall Rally video made it onto screen... Which is hilarious.

Everything Else
Well other than that, I really have nothing else to add other than the fact that I'm finally going to start sending out my family's announcements... I have so many extras though (I don't even know why... I'm supposed to be Asian, which means a lot of family... another conundrum apparently), so we'll see what happens with that.

In terms of a good gift, I've also decided that I will need a laptop, and in that sense I've decided to scour around everywhere and see what I should decide to get... with major input from the bro, of course.

... other than that, we'll see what happens. ^^-b

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memory of the Past - pt.1

As people know, today is A-tech's big Prom night.

It feels kind of weird, saying "I'm not going to prom" and actually not going to prom, but it's true. It feels weirder since for two years I've said that I've had a prom date already, that I promised.

It's a weird and long story, but it's a story none-the-less.

It seems that all the important people I've ever met have a name pertaining to the use of my nickname that I give them of "Meems." Few people have heard the original person for this, but nobody's heard this one.

Ironically enough, I met this Meems before I even knew her. From what we gathered, it was at some event where I had gotten myself hopelessly lost freshman year. I ran into her (who, incidentally, was lost) and we were just hanging out for the time being... Strangely enough, I never got her name that time, and before the event ended we found our respective groups and just, parted ways.

Skip two years later, where I joined a forum for some general anime discussion and met this person who, when first having some hot debate about whether or not the story was going to arc in a certain direction, I found her to be very... interesting. After talking about politics, the world, we began talking about our lives... and once I began to talk about A-Tech, suddenly we struck up a conversation about how she used to live in Vegas, and then after telling funny stores, we told the exact same story... about getting lost and meeting a random person... and where it turned out that we were each other in that memory. I mean, what were the odds of that happening?

It was weird to be talking to her, now that she was in New Jersey. From then on, we would chat every chance we could, at times for ages. Our longest conversation ended up being almost 48 hours... Over the summer, it was endless conversations through a webcam, talking about the day, about hanging out with friends... everything. And she told me that if she regretted anything that it was not being able to go to prom. So I told her, "You come back to Vegas and I'll take you to prom."

It was a deal... I even promised her I'd apply to Princeton, just as a wild shot, and meet up with her. But I haven't heard from her in awhile; A long while actually. Princeton is a dream, rejected with a vengeance really. I think I'll still head over there to find out what happened to her... go find out where she's disappeared to.

... a reason why I didn't go prom this year, but that's not the only reason. I mean, everybody knows why else I didn't go, but Elaine's an entirely different reason.