Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taiwan: The Re-Experience

I finally found the time to go and update this ginormously after 4 days here... or was it 3? I don't really remember, since I'm too dazed to figure it out.

That's besides the point though, as in my boredom I figured I give you a quick little idea of just what's happened up till now... and give an introduction as to why the hell I love Taipei so much. So the place we're (as in the entire family of cousins in the area) staying at is the Agora Garden Hotel... incidentially enough, everybody in the staff speaks fob English, so even if they have no idea what I'm telling them in Chinese, I can always try to let them figure it out in English. The hotel looks amazing, and the lobby is so expansive.

I mean, just look at it; and hell, that's just the front door to the place. That's the cool thing about Taiwan though... everything's huge. A prime example of this ended up being on the very next day, where after lunch we decided to head out and check the sights (the hotel is about... a 10 minute walk from Taipei 101, and there's about 300 stores around the area).

This complex is actually part of a multitude of them... I think there's about 12 in all. but they're divided into smaller buildings to make it look cooler. It's new, only been around for a few years I believe, but that place alone has about anyhwere between 30 to 40 stores... so just think... 30 x 12 = 360 stores. I can't think of a single girl right now that wouldn't love it... and I believe that Pyline and Elaine would just pitch tents in the place.

Another reason I love coming back here is just for the night markets. Just imagine an alleyway big enough to let two cars go through side to side, and line them up with food stalls, stores, and probably a kitchen sink too. You can get bargains beyond bargains and the food is what I believe to be the best in the world and cheap as hell; we bought enough food to feed 10 people for the price of two McDonald's Value Meals, it's crazy... I still refuse to call it anything else but the holiness of all that is good. There's a bunch of night markets around the area, but there are a few that are known for something, like shi-ling for instance. It has a night market, but there's the warehouse area just for food stalls. That's what it's literally famous for... good food (this is just for Tammy... muwahaha).

Yeah, it's crazy packed in there, but it's good food. Taiwan has something for everybody though, and if you don't like the hustle of night market food, you can always go and eat at random hole-in-wall places, like the place a few of us went to the next morning for lunch. Taiwan has a bunch of these random places just... well anywhere really. It's good food, and despite it's random location, people will go to it. The place that we ended up going to was around the corner from this ginormous restaurant (goes to show you, not everything famous has to be in glamorous place).

There's my infamous brother chowin' down... ahaha. We don't forget however, the real reason that we're here... to attend a lot of weddings and eat a lot of banquet food (which most of us, including the bride(s) and groom(s), were sick of by the end of the second time). It was cool going to my cousin's wedding and attending my brother's reception, but the highlight (and here's where I make all the girls who love the asian singer's here extremely mad at me) of either night was that I got to meet Patti Hu in person. She's a close friend of my cousin, and is extremely friendly... there was a lot of joking around in the club afterwards.

It's been a fun time overall so far... and I've uploaded the pictures for the next set already, but I'll save that for next time. Till then. ^^-b