Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks Lisa! ^^-b

A quick note... Thanks Lisa!!!

... as usual, Lisa is the bomb... Love her to death (if she didn't kill me for trying to hug her anyway... =P). ^^-b

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday List

Woo, today's going to be a fun day... it hadn't been an hour yet and I've already recieved five (god, to think that people used to not know because they never asked). I completely forgot how it even leaked out... Well anyway, I decided that this year would be funny if I wrote in the times, and so the current results are...

1. Steph (7:45 PM [on the 11th])
2. Ray (10:35 PM [on the 11th])
3. Lisa (11:51 PM [on the 11th])
4. Mabel (12:53 AM)... [technically first!]
5. Elaine (1:21 AM)... [I'm surprised she's even this high in the list... not really.]

So some really cool things about today:
- Dude, it's like hella Free Pancake Day @ iHOP! (update: Until 6 pm apparently).
- Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (ironically many people don't know about this yet it's in the calendar).
- 28 North's DCM is Today.

Well... I'm out of things to say, but I'm sure that there's more to come... ^^-b

.... and after UPDATE #1, we have:
6. Anna (6:28 AM)
7. Krystina (6:45 AM)... [Only surprising because she actually texted me at all in the morning.]
8. Pyline (6:46 AM )
9. Reo (7:12 AM)
10. Mom (8:39 AM)... [at least she made it top 10 this year...]
11. Howard (9:41 AM)
12. Mark (9:44 AM) <-- This was surprising, since I expected him up at like... Noon. >.>
13. Emily (9:53 AM)
14. Don (11:53 AM) <-- And rounds the corner.

UPDATE #2 ...and then the meyhem continued with the rest of the world chipping in.
15. Wade (12:17 PM)... [You totally surprised me on this one bro. Props. ^^-b]
16. Robert & The Rest of the AP Physics II B/C class (12:18 PM)... [Ms. Lein got to Eric first though, ahaha.]
17. Justina (1:12 PM)
18. Em (1:36 PM)...[It's too bad you couldn't be there Em, I was hoping for it yenno? Would've been fun.]
19. Jaci (1:38 PM)... [I'll give you the credit and say I heard you, because we were like "what, what!" too... lol.]
20. Kassi (1:39 PM)... [Took you long enough! You even had all morning! =P]
21. Lok yi (1:39 PM)
22. Kathy (1:41 PM)
23. Izzy (1:46 PM)... [Woo! Thanks Izz, but I'm not going to a strip club unless you're comin' with, you know that.]
24-25. Marilyn & Simon (1:49 PM)
26. Tammy (2:05 PM)
27. Tiffany Wang (2:07 PM)... [Thanks Tiff. ^^-b]
28. Joy (2:12 PM) 29. Albert (3:08 PM)
30-39. Canyon Springs Key Club (4:22 PM)... [There was just so many of them.]
40. Tynah (4:48 PM)... [This was definitely a surprise.]
41. Mellanie (4:56 PM)... [Was thinking about the whole "kissing the cake for good luck" joke.]
42-66. Division 28 North (5:05 PM)... [Oh yes, that was insanity.]
67. Miso (5:12 PM)
68. Katelin (5:53 PM)
69. Laureina (6:20 PM)... [Faster than I thought really.]
70. Stefany (7:59 PM)... [Facebook reminders strike again!]
71. Perng (8:22 PM)... [Wooooo, thanks couz!]
72. Wayne (8:26 PM)
73. Jane (9:49 PM) ... [Took you dead long enough!... I mean,
how long have we know each other again?]
74. Dad (11.39 PM) ... [In his defense, he
is in Taiwan.]
75. Shaun (11:49 PM)... [Really? I thought I was younger by a few months or something...]

All in all, a crazy day. I mean, this has definitely been an awesome day, especially DCM.

UPDATE #3... It'll be occuring a lot, since this is the "day after"... and so on the 13th:
76. Winston (1:39 AM)... [Well, we knew this was going to happen anyway bro, so I was totally prepared for it. ^^-b, but hey, you did it anyway. =P]
77. Jason (1:47 AM <--yeah, I did too. =P)... [lol don't sweat it, you know I don't realize till like... 12:45 anyway. Though I was expecting it at 12:30, when the procrastinating first starts... ahaha.]
78. Koo (4:12 PM)... [Yes Tommy, it was mine. heh.]
79. Sara (6:55 PM)... [Haha, same ol' Sara.]
80. Felicia Dorng (7:30 PM)... [Thanks =P... and I don't recieve those letters until about March, so you'll know then! ^^-b] ... that's about it. =P