Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Now that I think about it, I really haven't updated this thing in a long while.

Though, for some strange reason, both the Wordpress & Xanga get updated almost on a bi-weekly (or monthly) basis. I suppose that my reasoning for this blog was to make a place for "thoughtful" blogging; the discussion of everyday happenings through great detailing and what not. Now that I look at it, that didn't pan out too well.

How did this break down? Well, looking back at it...

The Wordpress blog started out of a necessity to get out all the stuff that was on my mind. You know what I'm talking about, the whole "What if" scenarios, all the things that require more than 1 minute of actual thinking time... the things that made you sit there, stare into space like a retarded monkey staring at the best-looking banana out there like it was some sort of demi-god of fruit.

The Xanga was the original, it was the Crappy Novel that existed with the Worst Novel of them all, a place where if soemthing interesting, funny, or the everyday mind-stupidity that occured... that's where that went.

... which leaves here. What is this blog really for, now that I've gotten a chance to actually sit down and 'think' about it.

... it was for more-thoughtful blogging. The details of everyday life that can be explained more in detail than Xanga but not thought-provoking like in Wordpress; the middle-ground of blogs, so to speak. I guess it's just that nothing good ever occurs in this middle ground; hell, most of it can be explained through the stupidity of my Xanga... it was just a daily occurence that needed no time to go into detail about.

Yep, this was exactly why this blog was created... to discuss in detail about life without having to think too much about it.