Friday, February 27, 2009

A Road Less Traveled

Well, here I am...

I still find it amazing that I'm in this precarious situation, seeing as how I never expected to be in this position. I find it amazing that despite all my mess-ups, despite all my hesitation, despite my inability to go and just "say it" that I actually... went through with it.

I'm amazed at today... The shear irony, the multiple coincidences, and the general epic-ness of it all.

... because through it all, something amazing happened. ^^-b

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The List, Again

Alright, so last year I made a note, and this year I decided to make another note. I always did wonder who would win, and this year it goes to Jane, of all people. Now that I wasn't expecting. Anyway, the list begins.

1. 9:50am [on the 11th] - Jane
1. 12:10am - Krystina
2. 12:23am - Anthony
3. 9:03am - Kassi
4. 9:28am - Lisette
5. 9:42am - Hana
6. 10:08am - Mabel
7. 10:37am - Howard
8. 10:53am - Marilyn
9. 11:19am - Anne
10. 11:21am - Franco
11. 11:24am - Kurt, Jazz, and Wade
12. 12:37pm - Vi
13. 1:33pm - Mom
14. 1:34pm - Wayne
15. 5:55pm - Lisa, Thomas, Sean
16. 6:44pm - Emily Shen
17. 6:50pm - Emily Hong!

Not as big, but it's all good. ^^-b Thanks you guys.

Edit: Friday, Feb. 14th - The Apple Family. ^^-b