Friday, December 19, 2008

PSA: Shark Fin

My sister makes a very good point about life and the stupid things that we do with some "traditions"...
Hi all:

I wanted to reach out to all of you to tell you about an issue that I've learned about lately, that I hope you can help with -- not by giving any of your money or time, but simply by giving up shark's fin, a type of food that contributes to a barbaric and ecologically disastrous practice. It is especially important for me to share this issue with you this holiday season, as we are all celebrating the holidays with special festivities, giving our thanks for another year of good health, and looking ahead to a cleaner, more prosperous, and renewed tomorrow.

In the last year, I have personally decided not to eat shark's fin, because it is ecologically harmful. However, after learning more about this issue in the last month, I have decided to not eat shark's fin again from today forward, and to also veto shark's fin at any meals at which I am able to do so. I wanted to write this email to help you understand why I have come to this decision, whether we are lucky enough to dine together or not. For those of you with whom I will be dining over the holidays, I hope you understand that I will do my best to ensure that shark's fin is NOT on any of the menus. And I thank you for understanding and accepting my position, if you can. Below, I will try to explain why shark's fin is so harmful. Hopefully, after reading it, you will not only understand my reasoning, but also restrict your own consumption. If you love it, you don't have to ban it from your diet entirely, as I have. However, I would ask that you give thanks for your good fortune in this world to have had the opportunity to feast like no other generation of humans in history, and desist from regular consumption of this delicacy. Instead, please limit your shark's fin consumption to the ceremonial, rare, and special experience it was intended to be-- a feast fit only for emperors and royalty, for only the most special of lifetime occasions. Or in our case, a rarity enjoyed at most, once a year.

The event that really bolstered my personal interest in this issue was an hourlong documentary that I accidentally caught on CNN. As I learned from the documentary, what generally happens is that ships go to sea for months at a time, throw out thousands of hooks for sharks, harvest the shark fins (from wild sharks in the open ocean) by slicing off the fins as the sharks are still alive and struggling, and throw the fin-less sharks' bodies (still alive and struggling, but unable to swim) back into the ocean where they sink to the bottom of the ocean and die. The ships can sell the fins for up to US$1,000 each, which is much more valuable than the bodies/meat. Therefore, they fill up the ships with sharks' fins (much smaller and lighter) and eventually come back to port with hundreds and hundreds of the fins. Most of the shark's fin caught in international waters goes through Taiwan or Hong Kong, to the rest of Asia-- a fact that really hit home for me because I am from Taiwan. At the ports, the fins are processed in a manner that results in almost all of the shark's fin-- save for the skeletal cartilage-- being discarded. I was haunted by these images, particularly of the way these animals are butchered, in obvious pain, and mostly wasted. What upsets me even more about this barbaric practice is that this is all for a nutritionally unnecessary delicacy-- essentially, all caused by human greed. As the documentary explained, this practice is bolstered by the growth of the middle class in Asia, who can now afford to eat this delicacy. It used to be a luxury only for the very rich, enjoyed only on special occasions. Now it is a common treat for people across Asia, consumed regularly and sold at all prices, from cheap to expensive.
Even though sharks are endangered, the line fishing and butchering of sharks for their fins is not prohibited in international waters, so this is mostly legal. There are some regulations (such as that carcasses must be accounted for; and in some ports, the sharks must be brought in with fins attached), but these are generally not followed. Even in areas where the practice of hunting sharks is prohibited, they are policed only a few days per year. So the practice runs unchecked and is fueled largely by the seemingly insatiable demand.

In addition to the barbarism of the practice itself, the negative results trickle down all the way through the ocean's ecosystems, because sharks are at the top of the food chain. As it affects us, the destruction of the animal at the top of the food chain has completely changed the industries and economies that depend on the oceans.
Now, I know that all sorts of things we say in life could be seen as hypocritical. For example, I eat meat-- and the way meat is slaughtered is inhumane. Everything we do, from the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to the water we drink has its costs to humans and to the environment. Also, perhaps the worst human greed and selfishness impacts humans, not animals-- wars, genocides, and the like. The things we do to each other, and the world, are terrible.
But I guess all that doesn't mean we can't do things to help when we can. And also, there is a difference between eating slaughtered beef for food (where we eat most of the animal), and eating shark's fin where the animal is almost entirely discarded, just for the delicacy. Also, frankly, I think beef can taste good (and, I do try to only eat it when I think it is very good), whereas shark's fin, since it's just cartilage, basically has no taste.
So as I mentioned at the top of this email, I guess there are a couple of things to draw from this. As I mentioned above, the most important thing you can do is very simple: push back on the demand for shark's fin, by eating less of it. A lot less. None, if you can. And the second thing you can do is to educate those around you. I think many, many, many people don't know about this issue, and if each of us just changed our habits and educated each other, it would make a huge difference.

Thanks for reading.

So, as in tradition, what have we learned?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


You know how when you're sitting alone at a table and thinking about the things that have happened or just random things that seem to be going on in your life?

... ok, so I'm not doing that, but instead I'm sitting on the floor of one of the meeting rooms, lights off, and the only light source is coming from the screen of my computer. Regardless, I'm still thinking.



... of course, I'm thinking about what's been going on with my life regardless, I just thought that the change of scenery would be some random ironic twist. Shits and giggles really...

Alright, so time for some actual reason to type, even though it's been a long ass time since I've decided to become some sort of realist and chill here and type about what's been on my mind. A whole two months?! Man, I must've been busy as hell or something. Well, we'll give it a shot none-the-less. Really there's only one reason I'm up here typing...

I've recently found out how bad it gets being the 3rd wheel. I know that people have always talked about these things. "You know how it is being the 3rd wheel, it's just awkward." or "You just take it in stride and let it be."... well it doesn't really work out that way anymore. I find it strange, how I could always stand being in those positions yet not really in those positions. Maybe it was just the way it worked out. I really didn't care fore it much, so naturally I was just fine with it.

Though now it seems to have gotten to a new point, a point where being the 3rd wheel just bugs me. Although the people themselves don't realize it until I tell them, they are still trying to include me when really it's kind of obvious they just want their alone time. If it's something I'll never understand, it's why the two people are trying to make that third person feel included in something, when really they're thinking "why are you here?"... or something along those lines anyway.

... who knows, maybe it just isn't something you're supposed to get used to, but instead something that you're suppose to accept when you're the third wheel. What they say could very well be true, you just have to roll with the punches and one day know that you'll be like this to other people.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Leading the Mundane

Well, it's been awhile (at least, for me it has)... and some things to remind myself about before I continue on with this:

1. I never posted anything else about Boston other than that the airline had lost my bag.
What can I say, I just had too much fun being at my sister's house that I forgot to post anything that I did there... can you blame me?

2. I never really posted about Anime Expo 2008.
Ok, I really said that I would post stuff about this, but seriously you can't have known about the mishaps and just epic randomness there was about Anime Expo from a mere post. Seriously, there are some things that can be only told with a voice and a "Oh man, you remember thwhat happened there..." type of attitude.

... so one of these days I'll post about the true experience and what actually happened during those 4 days there. ^^-b

3. The First Week of College Life
This was a given... since I thought about what to actually write about other than the fact that it's over and done with. It doesn't really feel like anything different from high school other than that I see everybody virtually every day now and that high school life has passed me by completely.

... to be honest, there really isn't much in life I can talk about at this point, and it's just become a reutine to simply go out and do stuff, come back and sleep... some homework in between. I'm sure that if something ever happens that becomes exciting, I'll say something about it, yenno?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seattle, an Outlook from a Wanderer pt. 2

Woke up about an hour ago, Jason's still passed out on his bed (an improvement from yesterday),and my stomach kind of is feeling funky from eating a microwavable chimichanga... despite that I decided that we should continue from where we left off yesterday.

Seattle, an Outlook from a Wanderer pt. 2
Went to the International District today, and needless to say that Jason and I got kind of sidetracked (or lost, depending on how you can look at it really) and wandered around the underground system for about 10 minutes before we figured out where exactly we were going. I officially have new-found support for the Seattle Public Transportation System, it's truly amazing. That have buses running underground, it's insane! I should've definitely have taken a picture, but compared to everybody else I was already looking pretty out-of-townish... that and my camera was about to die.

After arriving at the International District, we headed over to the Japanese Village of sorts, but really we first went to the Kinokuniya Bookstore, which in my strict belief is HEAVEN. I kid you not, I could've sworn that I died and went to heaven when I entered. It was just amazing... I mean, words alone cannot describe the awesomeness of it all. Only pictures.

Amazingly, this is only "one side" too... I swear there must of been at least 3000 mangas in this area alone (behind this shelf was, amazingly, another shelf the exact same length containing the same number of books). Needless to say, I was very stoked. It was pretty funny too, since I was wearing my infamous "Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong" shirt, and these two cute girls (they looked like they were from the graduating class of '08) came up to me and was like "We like your shirt" and asked me about it. Jason can attest to this, he was standing next to me when this happened. I swear that with all the advertising I give to them, I should get some commission or something. Anyway, I also finally finished getting all 4 CD's with finding the last two for my all-time favorite J-Rock group, ZONE. Woot!

Afterwards we headed to the supermarket area (which is right next to the bookstore) and we found the best thing ever. The picture says it all.

OH YES! A 6-pack of ramune and these extremely awesome pocky! It literally looks like the most expensive Pocky we've ever seen... it was 4 bucks a box, nuts right? You don't get this back in Vegas, not that I have found any yet anyway. lol Anyway, next time I'll upload some photos of Jason's apartment and we'll wing it from there. Till then. ^^-b

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seattle, an Outlook from a Wanderer

Currently chillin' in Seattle on this nice morning.

Ok, so really I crashed extremely early yesterday and now woke up earlier than I expected. So right now, while Jason's completely knocked out on the couch, I figure it'd be the best time to go and give a brief outlook on what I've come to know as Seattle, Washington. So naturally it's time to present...

Seattle, an Outlook from a Wanderer
The coffee capital of the nation certainly doesn't disappoint, as the first thing I saw when I got off the plain was a Starbucks directly in front of me. Going from the airport to downtown Seattle really is an astonishing sight, as not only do you see a giant water mass in the distance, but also next to it are the two stadiums, home of the Seahawks and Mariners. It really is an incredible view, and for it to only be on the way to downtown... I'm surprised there aren't more traffic jams because of car accidents or something... where the hell are all the tourists?!

... well, turns out they're all in the shopping district of sorts. The place is amazing, and really it reminds me of the streets of Taipei (just not as big). For those of you back in Vegas, it's kind of like an "actual" Town Square feeling (then again, Town Square was supposed to give that feeling off), but since the buildings were taller it was better. The streets are always busy with people walking around, and unlike Las Vegas, public transportation is a big must.

In my two days being in Seattle (thus far), I've learned a few things:
1. The bus system of courtesy works just like in Taiwan.
2. Never walk around alone, as you're more likely a target for money.
3. People in Seattle are really something else... unique in their own way.
4. You don't really have to tip in any place in Seattle, but you'll be thought of as extremely generous if you do...

... ok, so it's only a few, but Jason's showing me the Chinatown area today, so I'll be taking a look at the "other side" of town soon enough.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hip-Hop Internationals 2008

So, just got back from Hip-Hop Internationals (which, this year, was hosted at Planet Hollywood), and needless to say it was REDICTIFYINGLY AWESOME.

No, seriously, it was insanity. To be able to sit
that close from the stage was truly an experience. We (My brother, sister, sister's friends (Mark and Connie), China, and me) were roughly in the dead center 16 rows back. The choreography was amazing, and naturally, one of my greatest dreams had come to fruition... I got to meet the entire Kaba Modern crew (Indeed, even cooler in real life).

Yes, it was amazing. The Japanese crews were epic (though, perhaps the coolest thing was this boy that was dancing in the Jr. division... the
only guy in all 4 Japanese teams that were in the Finals Competition. I'm sure that in the future he'll become a major pimp... I mean, it's bound to happen. New Zealand's crews were very... violent, in a sense.

Other than that, it was very depressing that other than Flos Angeles & Kaba Modern, the rest of the US teams weren't really that good. Flos' compilation was very unique and had the flair, but lacked anything truly difficult, while Kaba remained true to their style, lots of isolations but nothing spectactular that really wowed like they did in last year's. The Phillipine All-Stars (they won World's this year)
KILLED this year, it was crazy to even comprehend what they did... I swear there was actually 10 of them, cause they kept flying around.

All in all, a
VERY epic day... Afterwards, I bought a DVD, and we (China & me) got seperated from my brother and them, and we got a photo with some of the members of the Japanese team(s).

That guy in the back sort of appeared, it was hilarious cause he kept smiling at me about something after the photo, and it didn't occur to me what it was until I saw the photo. (He's from one of the UK crews, so it was alright). lol

The poppin' & Bboy battles were way more intense, and I'm still wanting to meet the one insane dude at the poppin' battle... every part of his body is like seperated from himself... it was insane. Oh well...

Anyway, I'm sure eventually I'll remind myself to write the AX '08 experience, but really... it doesn't work if I type it out... you literally have to listen to me explain the "pain" of it. ahaha.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Finally Over...

It's finally over and we're finally done. High school is over now, but it still hasn't hit me yet.

... though I know that for some, I'll never see again until maybe 10 years from now. To be able to go through 4 years with people has been a fun time in my life, and something I'll never forget.

Though really, my family has always been behind me in whatever I ended up choosing to do and where to go... and I thank them for that. I'm perhaps the youngest one in my generation, but that just meant I could ask them for whatever help I needed and they were always there to help me. Amazingly enough, my family is a little too close for my liking (we're always doing something that most families would steer away from)... for all those that think I'm weird and crazy... I should warn you that in my family I'm the quiet and rational one.

Then, of course, there are those who put up with me on a daily basis, my friends that I've gone through everything with... ironically enough, they can be divided into different "specific but yet vague" groups:

"The Table" - Really now, it didn't matter where we ended up sitting, whether or not it was at the table in the SAC, in the hallway outside of Ms. Young's room, or in the little corner playing Mario Kart DS (and the daily "WTF?! CHEATER!!!" yells that insued), we did it all. There will always be those jokes in which I'll never forget, and the randomness that we had will always only be unique to us... Somehow, 10 years from now, at the 1st reunion. I think we'll find ourselves not very far from the past. We'll still be sitting at a specific table, joking about tossing around that cinnabon or how David / Otis is allergic to a certain act vital to his future... ahaha.

"Engineers" - Face it, we were pretty friggen unique. While everybody else thought we were "mean" to each other... it was really just how we were around each other. Well hey, what can they say about it? We survived Gauthier together, went against that long-term sub and lived, and spent the year with Whitney making a car we'll never complete. Our jokes were our own, and everything from your mom to Robert's "summer stagehand job" was fair game in our classroom. The tourneyments we had we random, though Robert was at the butt of every joke.

"The Underclass" - There is nothing I can actually say to any one of you individually, so instead I'll say it to you all at once. You all had your own little names... my partner-in-crime, the one who's "sense of direction" is completely useless, the pointless one... and all had been the subject of my constant head patting... for reasons still unknown. Don't worry about it, I'll still come and visit, but you're on your own now... I can't amuse you all as much anymore. Good Luck. ^^-b

"Spring Valley" - You were the group that reminded me of all the old days, partly because most of you were from the old days... ahaha. My home away from home, there are some things that just wouldn't happen with anybody else... I mean, how many people can say "Their cup tastes good?" or "DON'T GET ME GREEN, YOU DON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M GREEN!"... Most of us are heading to the same place, and hopefully we'll be able to continue the times. ^^-b

From there, there are certain people that have kept me potentially sane through the years, but I'll save that for another day... for now, enjoy the time to know that "Hey, you're free now... it's onward to actual life."

... and enjoy these... they describe some of the moments of my life... in a more twisted fashion of course. [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]... and of course any of the old ones I posted on here would well describe my life too.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recapping Senior Week

Well, I'm up at whatever time it is in the morning, having just gotten back from Ken's birthday party (once again, happy birthday). It's kind of weird since we used to hate each other (well, I dunno why, guess that's just how we bond or something... >.>), but that's all in the past now.

Anyway, figure it'd be time to update this and not end on some dreary note or anything.

Senior Week
Monday - College Shirt Day
Tuesday - Superhero Day
Wednesday - Senioritis Day (Breakfast & Powderpuff Game)
Thursday - Senior Citizen Day (Yearbook Signing)
Friday - Senior Royalty Day (Senior BBQ & Guys Flag Football Game)

So yeah, it was senior week this week, and I have to say that our school spirit is insanely hilarious. College Shirt day was a total bust for me since I didn't have my shirt (Yay for going to the University of Nobody's Leaving Vegas!), though I was tempted to wear my Stanford shirt since I did get wait-listed there; same thing for superhero day. Senioritis day I thought I was dressed appropriately well, since I wear that to sleep and what not. Wednesday was where all the fun started. Senior Breakfast was perhaps mayhem, as after the first breakfast portion (it wasn't exactly the worse thing in the world really, in fact it was decent) there was a bunch of randomness involving throwing of beach balls and, of course, making photos of random flying through air... I'm like an expert at these things (considering my 7.2 megapixel Sony Cybershot only does so much) and managed to get some great shots. After school it was the Powderpuff game, including some ridiculous moments of watching guys become drag queens... We won, of course... 13-7. Thursday became yearbook signing, and I avoided Steve for obvious reasons (long story involving last year's yearbook mess up and me tormenting his life afterwards). Lots of signing since this'll be my last high school yearbook, and I've made my signature's memorable (the infamous "^^-b" strikes). Friday was Senior BBQ, where the Velcro Wall and Sumo costumes were made available, and some intriguing things began to happen... I mean, there was this water bucket thing and I swear, there was the intrigue of spread pneumonia (it was cold and we're playing with water... hm.) Afterwards the "Big Game" started... and after the half the seniors started to shine. Before halftime it was 6-0, and after it ended up being 31-0 (something along those lines). We also "Vaselined" Eric Lein's car... which, perhaps, made my day (I heard that his mom and sister were laughing when they saw this).

... yeah, that perhaps eclipsed everything... Vaseline on Eric's car. Oh man, it was pretty epic, I have to say.

Everything Else
Ok, I promise! This week, EVERYTHING's going to be sent... Lots of postage, but it's alright. ^^-b

Went to Ken's party, like I said, and just came back... (keeping in mind I started typing this post at 1:10 and you won't have any trouble believing this) and have to say that Rock Band was intriguing, and it reminded me of this! [link]

... but yeah, that's about it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Passing the Weekend

So here I am... 5 in the bloody friggen morning.

I know, some of you are asking, "Well Joe, why the hell are you up at 5 in the bloody friggen morning anyway?" If you must know, I have no reason other than I am.

Doing everything else has gotten to be kind of repetitive and boring anyway, so I figure I might as well update this with another of the "latest turbulations of the idiotic and relentless"... something like that anyway.

A-tech Prom 2008: A Black-Tie Affair
I don't regret not going (yes, I repeat... I did not go), but at the same time it just doesn't seem right to not post something about it. Interestingly enough, I found the perfect conundrum for perhaps... 50% of A-tech's Student Body... go take a look! [link]

Key Club Banquet 2008
There's not much to say about this one since it was pretty much the exact same as last years... minus the change in officers and what not. There are a few things that are worth noting however:
-Emily Hong, and let me clarify this by saying this is the Emily Hong, did not wear anything that was in the category of "pants" for the first time that I've known her. Ok, it sounds a little off, but holy crap, everyday she's always wearing a pair of jeans, or black "slacks" (why do they even call them that?), and I swear she has like 30 pairs just sitting around (this however, cannot be confirmed). For her to be wearing something like a dress itself was just simply astounding. Go Em! ^^-b
-While we're on this topic, Em is also perhaps the single most scary person I've ever met when "truly peeved." I never want to venture in that area again for awhile.
-Jaci = zOMGWTF!!!11!!!shift+one!!! in terms of loudness...
-Amazingly, my crap, half-baked narration of what they did during the "break" of making the Fall Rally video made it onto screen... Which is hilarious.

Everything Else
Well other than that, I really have nothing else to add other than the fact that I'm finally going to start sending out my family's announcements... I have so many extras though (I don't even know why... I'm supposed to be Asian, which means a lot of family... another conundrum apparently), so we'll see what happens with that.

In terms of a good gift, I've also decided that I will need a laptop, and in that sense I've decided to scour around everywhere and see what I should decide to get... with major input from the bro, of course.

... other than that, we'll see what happens. ^^-b

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memory of the Past - pt.1

As people know, today is A-tech's big Prom night.

It feels kind of weird, saying "I'm not going to prom" and actually not going to prom, but it's true. It feels weirder since for two years I've said that I've had a prom date already, that I promised.

It's a weird and long story, but it's a story none-the-less.

It seems that all the important people I've ever met have a name pertaining to the use of my nickname that I give them of "Meems." Few people have heard the original person for this, but nobody's heard this one.

Ironically enough, I met this Meems before I even knew her. From what we gathered, it was at some event where I had gotten myself hopelessly lost freshman year. I ran into her (who, incidentally, was lost) and we were just hanging out for the time being... Strangely enough, I never got her name that time, and before the event ended we found our respective groups and just, parted ways.

Skip two years later, where I joined a forum for some general anime discussion and met this person who, when first having some hot debate about whether or not the story was going to arc in a certain direction, I found her to be very... interesting. After talking about politics, the world, we began talking about our lives... and once I began to talk about A-Tech, suddenly we struck up a conversation about how she used to live in Vegas, and then after telling funny stores, we told the exact same story... about getting lost and meeting a random person... and where it turned out that we were each other in that memory. I mean, what were the odds of that happening?

It was weird to be talking to her, now that she was in New Jersey. From then on, we would chat every chance we could, at times for ages. Our longest conversation ended up being almost 48 hours... Over the summer, it was endless conversations through a webcam, talking about the day, about hanging out with friends... everything. And she told me that if she regretted anything that it was not being able to go to prom. So I told her, "You come back to Vegas and I'll take you to prom."

It was a deal... I even promised her I'd apply to Princeton, just as a wild shot, and meet up with her. But I haven't heard from her in awhile; A long while actually. Princeton is a dream, rejected with a vengeance really. I think I'll still head over there to find out what happened to her... go find out where she's disappeared to.

... a reason why I didn't go prom this year, but that's not the only reason. I mean, everybody knows why else I didn't go, but Elaine's an entirely different reason.

Monday, April 28, 2008

When Life Threw a Curveball Seen From a Mile Away

When I actually think about it, I'm pretty sure that I saw this one coming from a mile away.

Ever since that day I asked, the day I decided that "Yeah, looks like prom's a no-go this year too," I knew it was coming. Ironically enough, I knew the answer that she would tell him too, because that's what happens when you factor in the chaos theory after all. And even though she told me what her answer would be if he asked, I knew that it was a lie.

... but I still accepted that blatant lie, because it was her. I still accepted that answer, because I wanted to believe that it would be true. I still accepted that answer, because I wanted it to be true.

Then again, if I wanted for it to be true so badly, why did I prepare myself for the pain that I feel right now? Why do I feel this pain right now, regardless?

... no matter what question I can ask about it, it all leads to the same answer.

She smiled, even as her expression turned into hopelessness. He wanted to reach out and hold her to him, but she only stepped backwards again, away from him. “You love me.” It was a simple statement, a fact that he couldn’t hide from her, and even then surprise hit him with her words. “I realized that,” her smiled turned bitter, “but I can’t give it back. I can’t give you what you want."

“It doesn't matter,” he countered, his voice growing desperate, and he worked hard to reel it in, to keep control. “All I ask for is a chance.” The desperation in his voice, the confused look she gave him; this is what all his patience and hurt that had built up through time was going to boil down to. Silence took over.

And in enduring the long silence, she finally spoke, "I don't know anymore." She spoke with uncertainty, her voice wavering through the silence. "I don't know if I can give you that chance anymore."

Even now, whether or not she was willing to try still echoes through the silence.

... the question remains: Will I try for that second chance... ever?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where'd the Time Fly?

So as the top states, my current thought process is in the mode of "Oh man, where'd all the time fly to?"

... and hey, it's true. It seems like the last two weeks of my life kind of just flew past me. I feel like I'm in one of those alternate realities, that anything is possible (where my mindset is right now anyway), and that anything we believe is impossible is actually more likely to happen than it appears... which leads me to the xkcd comic this time... [link]. I have to wonder where it all went, but really... I know.

Back to the "Bee-"ginning: Key Club International
Cali-Nev-Ha District Convention
Well, what's there to say about this? DCon this year was awesome. Ok, so it was fun last year, but this was the only surprising high point for me for Key Club this year. Lots of yelling, lots of insanity, and lots of cheering goes all around. This year we also got our own "A-Tech Key Club" shirts, which were awesome (last year we didn't get any). To be honest, this is only a summary of how I felt about it, and upon leaving Sacramento I realized that all that I cherished about Key Club will be missed, and that the people I've met because of KC will not be forgotten.

... I'm typing up a gigantic post about DCon itself later... pictures and all.

Heritage Night
As usual, A-Tech provides the annual "Heritage Night" festival, with lots of food, shows, and everything in between. I showed up late thanks to a traffic accident on the road that completely jammed up traffic where I was at, but I still came in and helped out in all ways possible. ^^-b From Korean dancing, Seung and Cheuk singing (which, perhaps the best thing I've ever seen in terms of overall humor... I mean, they just made it an awesome act), to all the best things that A-tech (and, in some cases, Las Vegas) has to offer to teach people of the culture from around the world. It was definitely fun.

Anyway... I was surfing through xkcd when this reminded me of Mythbusters... read it yourself and tell me this doesn't remind you of that one episode where they debunk gas myths.

Well, not much other than that. It's been awhile since I've actually written anything, but then again my life isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world after all... I think I'll just sit back and contemplate for awhile on some things... get it out of my system or something.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clarification pt.2

Ahaha, I suppose I should continue to update this now that I've already decided to actually do a really long update and what not.

Clarification... Because I Feel Bad (Not Really)
Ok, his name's really David... happy now? I should tell you though that Jeff (you know, the guy that you've been playing DOTA with?) thought your name really was Otis. I don't know why, but I thought that was hilarious.

So, in today's comic... Something that would be my future hobby. [link]

Once again, I should probably be doing homework, but I mean, I've been working on it all day... and really I'm just sick and tired of doing said homework.

No seriously, Touch-a-Truck means exactly what it means. I could've gone to Kiwani's One Day (or, Total K. Day), but it was either that or Touch-a-Truck, and I made a commitment to Touch-a-Truck first.

So anyway, Touch-a-Truck... lots of kids, lots of people, and of course... lots of trucks. It was mildly eventful, and I basically spent the time with Kassi and Winston learning about... well, lots of things. We basically directed people around and managed lines at the more "popular" trucks (like the fire engine and the helicopter... why a helicopter was there is still beyond me... must be considered a really big truck or something).

The List
So we're continuing the list... even though all that I've come up with is pretty much whatever was up in the past two posts and what not.
7. A Nice Bed - Yes, I've decided that a nice, soft bed is in order. It's something I need. ^^-b

Sadly, that's all I can come up with right now.

The Family
Well, this weekend my family is paying us (my mother and I, of course) a visit... just for kicks of course. Naturally there is no particular reason as to why they're visiting other than the fact that they're visiting. Lots of things planned, including a dinner at the ever famous
Rosemary's and, of course, watching KA (alright! Mah-jong mafia strikes again!). Speaking of KA...

The show was amazing. As an Engineer, I was perhaps more intrigued by the stage than by anything else. Don't get me wrong, the entire performance was perhaps some of the best things I've ever seen in my life, but seriously, that stage was unique in it's own sense. The whole show was designed around that stage, and anybody with an interest in a good storyline, acrobatics, and perhaps the coolest stage in the world should go watch that.

Well that's really all I have for now, and my family's going nuts playing Rayman: Raving Rabids... so I think I'm going to go join them in the meyhem. Peace till then. ^^-b

Friday, April 4, 2008


Just thought we'd clarify something totally random that Oti- I mean David... wanted me to clear up. His name's really Otis, he just doesn't want anybody to know that so we call him "David" for kicks... No seriously, it's the truth. ^^-b

Continuing the whole xkcd comic ideal, today's encompasses people's recent addiction to go to "blogger", so I've given them something to think about here.

I should really be doing homework right now, but you know how senioritis begins to affect you, and you're just like "... well, forget that." So instead I'm on here, typing this. Go figure, right?

The List
... so continuing our list, I've thought of something that would help... immensely.

4. Money - I know, I know, it seems kind of natural that I'd ask for something like this, but hey, money is perfectly acceptable for an Asian person like me.
5. Socks - Thinking about that list of all-time gifts has established that getting socks would be cool... because that way I don't have to buy any.
6. Anything me - I mean, if you think I'd like it (or love it, either way) then I'd go for it. The perfect example was Lisa's two books that she bought me for my b-day, I thought that was awesome.

Amazing Feat Just Accomplished
Holy crap!!! I just bowled a 181!!! (this morning anyway)... I don't know about you, but that's friggen amazing compared to the people that I bowl with (they average anywhere between 165 to 200). But you have to realize that for me to bowl anything past 150 is amazing... I even went up $4 bucks today (bringing the all-time count to when I started with them down to $9 dollars), so all in all, a good day.

Currently Most Useless
Upon thinking of what the most useless thing right now is... this pretty much goes without saying that it's the people that planned the whole "building a school right next to A-tech" idea. Ok, I understand that you have to build a new school, but I don't quite understand the whole idea behind the fact that you built a new parking lot just to force us onto that one... I mean hell, we should be able to keep our own parking lot and you guys should've planned the new school's entrance for that parking lot that you have us using... and making us driving all the way around for no apparently decent reason... Compacted soil or not, whatever money you spend or not, it bothers me that you're potentially ruining life for an entire school... especially since it's the only school with a Blue Ribbon of Excellence in the entire district (which doesn't say much anyway, but it says a lot more than most of the other schools), and essentially lowering admissions for said school... I mean it's really just a downhill slippery slope effect, and we really don't want that happening.

Two things before I go.
1. Hey look at my awesome sig I made because I wanted to!

... it didn't turn out bad if I do say so myself.

2. After this week, it's most likely been decided that I won't be going to prom. As much as it would seem like fun, the appeal's just gone at this point.

... and hey, look at the time! I'm into the whole double xkcd posting right now, since I find so many intriguing ones as it is, so here's a good way to look at certain catagories of things... just subsitute fruit with something else and you'll get a nice idea of life in pretty much any sense!

It's so friggen AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to the Old Days

I think it's time to try to reflect back to the old days of when I posted on Xanga (somewhere back in the beginning of the year), where I made long and mostly meaningless posts on whatever came to mind.... you know, the ones that Otis would actually read for no apparent reason other than to get a kick out of my... "unique writing skills."

So first off, I've become addicted with xkcd again that, in hindsight, I think it's kind of sad. So my new resolution is to actually find a funny xkcd comic to go along with every post... there's no reason behind it really, except that xkcd probably reflects what I would really do in life at random.

... so, for today's post, I found this particular panel here, because I know that sometimes the giant bass sound coming from a car annoys the crap out of you too... and you just want to do something to annoy them.

That's besides the point. I was working on the AP US Government packet for LaShomb (I'm still not certain I'm supposed to be making that s "upper-case" (still can't get used to using that word... meh), when I thought about the question my brother asked me in our weekly "Hey what's the family up that was have no idea about?" conversation. He asked me that since my graduation was coming up what I was thinking of wanting for a graduation gift. Naturally, being the humble person I am, I gave him my best response: "That's a good question, I'll get back to you on that."

So finally, after weeks of deliberation, I've thought of perhaps a few things that I would perhaps benefit me the most, no matter where I go.

The List
1. Laptop - Despite the fact that my current laptop is suiting my needs to an extent (thanks bro! The laptop so far has been a life-saver), the fact of the matter is that this laptop is about 3 years too old to suit my current lifestyle needs, which include mindless hours on Photoshop, Soundforge, and a multitude of other programs that my laptop is just not suited to actually run.
2. A camera - No, not one of those Cybershots or the tiny things the size of about my fingernail... an honest to goodness professional camera. I've realized that one of the things I want to be able to do is to be able to take professional photos, and using a Cybershot doesn't quite accomplish that purpose (though with the number of pictures I get to take, I'm not complaining too much yet).
3.An iPhone - I thought about just putting "cell phone" at first, since you all know the state of my phone I might as well have sent it to Iraq and throw it at the road-side bombs. As much as I love it (I recall telling my dad that it has tremendous sentimental value that I wouldn't give up), the fact is that I need a new phone. I was contemplating on thinking about another Sony Ericsson, but after looking (and playing around with) my friend's iPhone for about all of half an hour, I've decided that an iPhone would be killer too.

Tripping on the Past
While figuring my wish-list, I also thought about all the past gifts that I've gotten, and I finally thought about what the top gifts were... I don't know why, but remembering those these were perhaps some of the funniest and memorable moments in my life.

Number 6 - Legally Bound (from... Key Club pretty much)
Well, that surprise party was the coolest thing ever. There's not much else to be said, other than that the poster proudly doesn't fit anywhere in my room... so I've proudly put it next to the wall most visible, and every time somebody asks me "what's the rolled up thing?" I bring it out and show them. ^^-b

Number 5 - The Trifecta (from Felix)
During the "Family Gathering" in Taiwan, Emily organized "Secret Santa" for the kids in the area, and I got this awesome gift from her cousin Felix... well 3 in fact. The nerf gun was the coolest thing in the world, and afterwards we were all shooting around with it... for kicks. The... porcupine(?) is still sitting in my room, looking onwards.

Number 4 - Breakfast Goods (from Isabella and Jon)
Man, this was from a long time ago. I remember for my like... 9th birthday or so... that I got boxes of cereal from Jon and Isabella. I remember being that naive guy and was like... seriously? I got cereal? I didn't really mind back then, since I was a big fan of cereal anyway... ok, so I got cooler gifts too, but still, the cereal was a nice little ploy.

Number 3 - Socks (from Jon and Howard... and family I believe)
I'm pretty sure this was back in like... 5th grade. It was the first or second year that my family was in Las Vegas and everybody wanted to visit (for the obvious reasons of course... ahaha). Now see, my family knew that my brother and I always wore socks, but ever since he went to college he stopped, and it became just me that wore socks every day. That Christmas I remember getting these cool gifts (that a 5th grader would like anyway) and like a bazillion pairs of socks.

Number 2 - Useless Reading (from Lisa)
I think Lisa knows me too well (well her and Jane anyway, since she told me she helped her pick it out), because when I got that gift from her I couldn't stop laughing about it. The two books, "The Ultimate Book of Useless Information" (but I've learned so much from it) and "101 Things Not to Do Before You Die" (lots of actually ironically useful ideas), are some of the funniest things I've every had time to waste to read on... It makes me feel bad that all I could get her was that Wong Lee Hom CD. Her card was awesome too.

Number 1 - The Bear (from Hana / Hannah / Hanna (=P))
Kind of cliche, but hey, it was the first teddy bear I ever got from somebody outside my family (my mom used to work at Dayton's in Rochester, and every year I got their seasonal teddy bear... they were cool). Back in like 8th grade too. It still sits next to my computer, just kind of chillin'.

... there were more, but I'm trying to end it so I can get back to doing homework... my god, there's so much more of it now. Before I go though, I leave with another xkcd comic here... well just because really.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks Lisa! ^^-b

A quick note... Thanks Lisa!!!

... as usual, Lisa is the bomb... Love her to death (if she didn't kill me for trying to hug her anyway... =P). ^^-b

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday List

Woo, today's going to be a fun day... it hadn't been an hour yet and I've already recieved five (god, to think that people used to not know because they never asked). I completely forgot how it even leaked out... Well anyway, I decided that this year would be funny if I wrote in the times, and so the current results are...

1. Steph (7:45 PM [on the 11th])
2. Ray (10:35 PM [on the 11th])
3. Lisa (11:51 PM [on the 11th])
4. Mabel (12:53 AM)... [technically first!]
5. Elaine (1:21 AM)... [I'm surprised she's even this high in the list... not really.]

So some really cool things about today:
- Dude, it's like hella Free Pancake Day @ iHOP! (update: Until 6 pm apparently).
- Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (ironically many people don't know about this yet it's in the calendar).
- 28 North's DCM is Today.

Well... I'm out of things to say, but I'm sure that there's more to come... ^^-b

.... and after UPDATE #1, we have:
6. Anna (6:28 AM)
7. Krystina (6:45 AM)... [Only surprising because she actually texted me at all in the morning.]
8. Pyline (6:46 AM )
9. Reo (7:12 AM)
10. Mom (8:39 AM)... [at least she made it top 10 this year...]
11. Howard (9:41 AM)
12. Mark (9:44 AM) <-- This was surprising, since I expected him up at like... Noon. >.>
13. Emily (9:53 AM)
14. Don (11:53 AM) <-- And rounds the corner.

UPDATE #2 ...and then the meyhem continued with the rest of the world chipping in.
15. Wade (12:17 PM)... [You totally surprised me on this one bro. Props. ^^-b]
16. Robert & The Rest of the AP Physics II B/C class (12:18 PM)... [Ms. Lein got to Eric first though, ahaha.]
17. Justina (1:12 PM)
18. Em (1:36 PM)...[It's too bad you couldn't be there Em, I was hoping for it yenno? Would've been fun.]
19. Jaci (1:38 PM)... [I'll give you the credit and say I heard you, because we were like "what, what!" too... lol.]
20. Kassi (1:39 PM)... [Took you long enough! You even had all morning! =P]
21. Lok yi (1:39 PM)
22. Kathy (1:41 PM)
23. Izzy (1:46 PM)... [Woo! Thanks Izz, but I'm not going to a strip club unless you're comin' with, you know that.]
24-25. Marilyn & Simon (1:49 PM)
26. Tammy (2:05 PM)
27. Tiffany Wang (2:07 PM)... [Thanks Tiff. ^^-b]
28. Joy (2:12 PM) 29. Albert (3:08 PM)
30-39. Canyon Springs Key Club (4:22 PM)... [There was just so many of them.]
40. Tynah (4:48 PM)... [This was definitely a surprise.]
41. Mellanie (4:56 PM)... [Was thinking about the whole "kissing the cake for good luck" joke.]
42-66. Division 28 North (5:05 PM)... [Oh yes, that was insanity.]
67. Miso (5:12 PM)
68. Katelin (5:53 PM)
69. Laureina (6:20 PM)... [Faster than I thought really.]
70. Stefany (7:59 PM)... [Facebook reminders strike again!]
71. Perng (8:22 PM)... [Wooooo, thanks couz!]
72. Wayne (8:26 PM)
73. Jane (9:49 PM) ... [Took you dead long enough!... I mean,
how long have we know each other again?]
74. Dad (11.39 PM) ... [In his defense, he
is in Taiwan.]
75. Shaun (11:49 PM)... [Really? I thought I was younger by a few months or something...]

All in all, a crazy day. I mean, this has definitely been an awesome day, especially DCM.

UPDATE #3... It'll be occuring a lot, since this is the "day after"... and so on the 13th:
76. Winston (1:39 AM)... [Well, we knew this was going to happen anyway bro, so I was totally prepared for it. ^^-b, but hey, you did it anyway. =P]
77. Jason (1:47 AM <--yeah, I did too. =P)... [lol don't sweat it, you know I don't realize till like... 12:45 anyway. Though I was expecting it at 12:30, when the procrastinating first starts... ahaha.]
78. Koo (4:12 PM)... [Yes Tommy, it was mine. heh.]
79. Sara (6:55 PM)... [Haha, same ol' Sara.]
80. Felicia Dorng (7:30 PM)... [Thanks =P... and I don't recieve those letters until about March, so you'll know then! ^^-b] ... that's about it. =P