Sunday, September 7, 2008

Leading the Mundane

Well, it's been awhile (at least, for me it has)... and some things to remind myself about before I continue on with this:

1. I never posted anything else about Boston other than that the airline had lost my bag.
What can I say, I just had too much fun being at my sister's house that I forgot to post anything that I did there... can you blame me?

2. I never really posted about Anime Expo 2008.
Ok, I really said that I would post stuff about this, but seriously you can't have known about the mishaps and just epic randomness there was about Anime Expo from a mere post. Seriously, there are some things that can be only told with a voice and a "Oh man, you remember thwhat happened there..." type of attitude.

... so one of these days I'll post about the true experience and what actually happened during those 4 days there. ^^-b

3. The First Week of College Life
This was a given... since I thought about what to actually write about other than the fact that it's over and done with. It doesn't really feel like anything different from high school other than that I see everybody virtually every day now and that high school life has passed me by completely.

... to be honest, there really isn't much in life I can talk about at this point, and it's just become a reutine to simply go out and do stuff, come back and sleep... some homework in between. I'm sure that if something ever happens that becomes exciting, I'll say something about it, yenno?