Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Finally Over...

It's finally over and we're finally done. High school is over now, but it still hasn't hit me yet.

... though I know that for some, I'll never see again until maybe 10 years from now. To be able to go through 4 years with people has been a fun time in my life, and something I'll never forget.

Though really, my family has always been behind me in whatever I ended up choosing to do and where to go... and I thank them for that. I'm perhaps the youngest one in my generation, but that just meant I could ask them for whatever help I needed and they were always there to help me. Amazingly enough, my family is a little too close for my liking (we're always doing something that most families would steer away from)... for all those that think I'm weird and crazy... I should warn you that in my family I'm the quiet and rational one.

Then, of course, there are those who put up with me on a daily basis, my friends that I've gone through everything with... ironically enough, they can be divided into different "specific but yet vague" groups:

"The Table" - Really now, it didn't matter where we ended up sitting, whether or not it was at the table in the SAC, in the hallway outside of Ms. Young's room, or in the little corner playing Mario Kart DS (and the daily "WTF?! CHEATER!!!" yells that insued), we did it all. There will always be those jokes in which I'll never forget, and the randomness that we had will always only be unique to us... Somehow, 10 years from now, at the 1st reunion. I think we'll find ourselves not very far from the past. We'll still be sitting at a specific table, joking about tossing around that cinnabon or how David / Otis is allergic to a certain act vital to his future... ahaha.

"Engineers" - Face it, we were pretty friggen unique. While everybody else thought we were "mean" to each other... it was really just how we were around each other. Well hey, what can they say about it? We survived Gauthier together, went against that long-term sub and lived, and spent the year with Whitney making a car we'll never complete. Our jokes were our own, and everything from your mom to Robert's "summer stagehand job" was fair game in our classroom. The tourneyments we had we random, though Robert was at the butt of every joke.

"The Underclass" - There is nothing I can actually say to any one of you individually, so instead I'll say it to you all at once. You all had your own little names... my partner-in-crime, the one who's "sense of direction" is completely useless, the pointless one... and all had been the subject of my constant head patting... for reasons still unknown. Don't worry about it, I'll still come and visit, but you're on your own now... I can't amuse you all as much anymore. Good Luck. ^^-b

"Spring Valley" - You were the group that reminded me of all the old days, partly because most of you were from the old days... ahaha. My home away from home, there are some things that just wouldn't happen with anybody else... I mean, how many people can say "Their cup tastes good?" or "DON'T GET ME GREEN, YOU DON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M GREEN!"... Most of us are heading to the same place, and hopefully we'll be able to continue the times. ^^-b

From there, there are certain people that have kept me potentially sane through the years, but I'll save that for another day... for now, enjoy the time to know that "Hey, you're free now... it's onward to actual life."

... and enjoy these... they describe some of the moments of my life... in a more twisted fashion of course. [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]... and of course any of the old ones I posted on here would well describe my life too.