Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, Same Blog

It's been awhile (a long while at that) since I've had some sort of intelligent "post" on here, so I figure why not start another one in the new year (minus the whole "Happy New Years" post, because in hindsight that doesn't really count).

A Few Things I Can't Wrap my Head Around
I never quite understood the real concept behind "Happy Hour." I know that it's a good thing when prices for popular things are cheaper (drinks usually), but yet if it's "Happy Hour" then why the hell is it more than an hour? The biggest culprit to this oblivious fact as far as I've seen is T.G.I. Fridays, which has not one but TWO different times for "Happy Hour."

Ok, so this one I hit up at a Whole Food's market. What in the world would you consider a natural meat? If the stuff at Whole Food's is "natural meat" then what the hell have we been buying at normal supermarkets? Maybe we'll never find out...

Working Life
It'll soon mark the quarter-mark since I've started working at Apple (which, if anybody "actually" knows me, is a feat in itself), I have to say that I've learned some new things in life. On top of meeting way too many new people (and surprisingly a lot of them know me in some kooky way too), it's really been a lot more fun than I thought it originally be. Perhaps it's a different atmosphere or the people (I'd say it's the people really), and maybe I'll never find out the true secret...
Some thanks:
While the picture itself is a bit blurry (in part to stupid lighting and the fact that the camera was from a laptop), the message is still clear.

Thanks Mabel! ^^-b

Well hey, not bad... maybe somebody will read it! ahaha. That's all for now.

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Howard said...

To fully answer the question of what are "unnatural meats", a good book to read would be "The Omnivore's Dilemma". In short, to raise cows faster and cheaper, ranchers feed cows things that they are not fit to eat, like corn feed (much cheaper than grass) and injected hormones. Cow stomachs are not designed to digest corn, so it fills them up and then their bodies reject most of it (very inefficient). They would probably be very sick as a result, but that's where the hormones (steroids) come in. So, basically, cheaper, non-organic meat is like having a juiced up Barry Bonds steak. The same goes for chickens and other livestock. Chickens can eat even cheaper substances than corn without getting too sick, and pork, well, pigs will eat pretty much everything.